What are the requirements for an application?

Applications are open to anyone who is enrolled in a degree course in industrial engineering, business informatics or business mathematics at a German university. Diploma students must have completed the intermediate diploma. Bachelor’s students must have achieved at least 120 credit points in their Bachelor’s degree. (see “The Path to an Internship”)

I’m studying at a “Fachhochschule”. Can I still apply for the pool?

Unfortunately not. Our offer is aimed exclusively at students at German universities or comparable colleges. Unfortunately, applications from students at universities of applied sciences cannot be considered. However, our newsletter is open to everyone.

I would like to do an internship abroad, when should I apply?

The lead time of the internships is quite different, which is why there is no general answer. In the past, four months before the planned start of an internship proved to be helpful. However, it can also be shorter if you are flexible.

How exactly do I get a specific internship abroad?

You apply for the IPC talent pool. If your application is successful, IPC will send you current internship opportunities over an extended period of time, which you can then apply for. (see “The way to an internship”)

What advantages do I have over applying directly to a company?

For internships supervised by the IPC, the number of competitors is usually significantly reduced, as the IPC has already made a preselection. In addition, if you are included in the talent pool, the IPC will regularly send you current internship opportunities, so you don’t have to look for them yourself.

What is the talent pool?

The IPC maintains a so-called talent pool, whose members regularly receive current internship opportunities that they can apply for.

How do I get into the internship pool?

(see “Your way to the internship”)

How high are my chances of being included in the talent pool?

If your progress allows it and you are committed to the rest of your studies, your chances are good.

What is the difference between the talent pool and the newsletter?

Members of our talent pool receive available internship positions abroad arranged through us as an offer. We also have a general newsletter, which we use to send various information about the association, workshops, offers from cooperation partners, etc. In addition, internship offers that could not be filled by the talent pool are also sent via this mailing list. Thus, the newsletter is also interesting for students who do not meet our admission requirements, but are nevertheless interested in our internships.