Workshops & Events

Get in touch with students. We will support you.


Get to know students of your target group intensively. You will present your company in a half-day workshop, a case study or a training course. Together with the students, you will develop new ideas and solutions through challenging tasks and questions. The presentation of the work results by the students completes the workshop. Benefit from the students’ know-how and experience their solution competence up close. By demonstrating how your company tackles a problem, you provide students with additional reasons for joining your company as an intern, trainee or direct entrant. There is also the opportunity to end the workshop with a joint dinner.


We bring students from your target group directly to your company or production site. Show students what you have to offer.  The students get a realistic picture of your products and services and what the job in your company looks like. Plan approx. one day for our excursion group. The presentation of the entry possibilities in your company, specialist presentations by your employees as well as a guided tours through your company/production facilities and a question and answer session will provide you with a direct link to your target group.

Fireside chat

Sometimes you don’t have much time. Nevertheless, take a few hours in the evening to foster contact with students. In a cosy atmosphere you will answer questions from the students and talk about your job. The personal conversation creates a special connection to students of your target group and a possible entry into your company is getting closer.